Virtual Tradeshows

Virtual Tradeshow
Take your webcasts to the next level. Easily create and customize content and locations once and then reuse them for your portfolio of virtual conferences, trade shows, training events or road shows. Produce your own video, audio, polls, blogs, and forums in a highly compelling virtual environment that will have your audience coming back for more.

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What it means for you:

  • Increased pipeline
  • Better qualified prospects
  • Wider geographic reach
  • Extended branding
  • More engaged customers
  • Lower production cost
  • Shorter time to market
  • Always-On communication
  • More effective distance learning
  • More cost-effective recruiting
Why customers choose Us

  • Best user experience
  • Easiest customization
  • Fastest time to results
  • Persistent environment
  • Universal reporting
  • Custom branding
  • Global capabilities
  • Most experience in virtual events
How You Can Use It:

  • User conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Employee training
  • Partner education
  • Product launches
  • Company meetings
  • Partner communities
  • Road shows
  • Sales kick-offs
  • Focus groups

Learn more about Virtual Environments


Virtual Environments for marketing, training and recruiting are an innovative channel to engage your customers, prospects, partners and employees. As participants don’t have to board a plane or pay for a hotel, you’ll find that a virtual event can cost   effectively increase your reach and level of engagement.

Chat, email, blogs and discussion forums are complemented by extensive social networking features. Live chat translation into 50 different languages helps bridge language barriers. Skype integration enables voice and video chat. Each attendee maintains their own virtual business card and can easily connect with others using networking and interest matching tools.

Virtual Environments are easy to use with intuitive navigation and rich graphics that make participants feel at home.

Unparalleled in the industry, the Virtual Engagement Center is your campus for managing your entire portfolio of virtual venues, events, content, and structures.

The Venue Builder takes creating and customizing virtual environments to a new level. The browser-based editor allows you to make and view changes in real-time, making production freeze dates a thing of the past.

The Virtual Environment platform integrates quickly and easily with your CRM system. For integrated registration you can choose between Fast Access and database level integration to send the data to your other systems.

The Webcasting Studio places cost-effective, high quality audio and video webcast production at your fingertips. Start with a simple webcam or use professional video equipment. Upload your own content, integrate live polls with your presentations and use our advanced Q&A management to produce events that will impress your partners, customers and prospects.

Qualified leads are the desired outcome of many virtual events. Smart Reports are web-based and allow you to easily share contact information with your sponsors.

Globally aware, we support 17 languages that are automatically invoked by the attendee profile. This capability, combined with our global support team, allows Follow-The-Sun events that extend your reach to audiences around the world. Automatic live chat translation helps remove language barriers and lets your participants come together.

Connect with your target audiences in a branded, engaging environment on the web.