Insta-Meet Plus

Audio conference call
Insta-Meet is is an automated, reservationless, conferencing service that offers a reliable and simple solution for your everyday conference calls.

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  • Instant Conferencing for Up To 300 Participants
    • Keypad audio controls in an instant
    • Toll and toll free capabilities
    • No reservation necessary
  • Use same participant call number and passcode for every meeting
  • Flexible and Intuitive Conference Management
  • Conference Management Via the Web
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  • Save travel time and expense by conducting routine business meetings with Insta-Meet Plus
  • Routine meetings
  • Use same participant call number and passcode for every meeting
  • Address urgent business issues immediately and inexpensively – without the time and expense of bringing staff together in one place
  • No reservation needed
  • Reach the members of your audience anytime, anywhere, to disseminate and discuss important time-sensitive information such as account developments and changes to project deadlines
Easy as 1,2,3