Event Production

Web meeting event

EventSource will revolutize the way your company handles webcasts, seminars, investor meetings, new product roll out and much more.

What separates EventSource from Other Services is the sheer amount of customization available to the user. By tailoring EventSource to your company’s needs, we are able to deliver a product and service that is not only perfect for the given situation, but also simplified to make the experience as stress free as possible.

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  • Acessibility: Reach out to any audience, anytime, anywhere.
  • Complete production assistance: pre-event, during and post-event management.
  • Personalized experience: work with our production team to create an event customized to the needs of your presentation.
  • Event Profile: by collaborating with our production managers, develope an event profile to make future events seamless.

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  • Event Configuration (URL)
  • Customizing platform (background)
  • Creation of layouts Adobe
  • Check the requirements
  • Test connectivity with the Organizer
  • Speaker connection Recommendation
  • Dedicated operator
  • Preconference Speaker Connect
  • live event connection
  • Phone connection option with a price per minute of connection
  • Last test Sound & Video
  • Hosting the event + management platform
  • Q&A management
  • Live technical support on audio and web
  • E-mail support for participants
  • Phone number for the Speaker
  • Automatic recording in FLV format without cuts
  • Summary of participants (Excel)
  • Summary submitted questions (Excel)
  • Event Recording
  • Summary connecting participants (Excel)
Events have never been easier