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News On Hold

News On Hold is an industry first that gives you the option to replace traditional hold music with regularly updated news clips for waiting participants. It makes their hold time fly by , keeps them more engaged and helps ensure that they will wait for the call to start before you have arrived. It provides the participants with the chance to catch up on the latest headlines during a busy day. News On Hold ensures more productive meetings by having all your participants on the call when your meeting starts. Industry shows callers stay on the line up to 25% longer when provided with on hold messages verses silence or background music.

Meeting Dial Out Feature

Focus on preparing for your meeting and start your conference by just answering the phone. You no longer need to remember your dial-in numbers, conference codes or leader PINS. Meeting Dial-Out Feature automatically calls your pre-defined phone number when a participant joins your meeting.

Personal Greeting

Record a personalized message for your participants to hear when joining your conference call.

Clips on Hold


  • A custom option can be requested for your organization. You are required to provide us a royalty free music file. The file must be at least equal to or higher than .wav format 16 bit 44100 Hz 720kbs.
  • There is a one-time setup fee of $1250 and a $150 monthly charge.
  • Available at the company level.

Generic Music on Hold (default)

  • Instrumental music with no advertisements or voice over.
  • Free of charge.
  • Available at the company, account and owner level.

Lounge Music on Hold

  • Highlights new, up and coming artists, providing a new and different way for you and your participants to experience and engage in the music you hear on conference calls.
  • As a gift to you and your participants, we allow you to download these highlighted songs for free to enjoy beyond waiting for the meeting to start.
  • Free of charge.
  • Available at the company, account and owner level.

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