Protection For All Of Your Mission-Critical Assets

DataPath’s MaxView® Cybersecurity is a leading edge solution to address the critical need companies have to protect their networks and technology assets. The DataPath MaxView® Cybersecurity solution includes threat detection, incident response, regulatory compliance, as well as network vulnerability scanning plus mediation, and 24/7 live monitoring from DataPath’s cyber security operations center.

Threats to mission-critical networks are everywhere. When even a common virus can cause major damage impacting productivity, privacy, and shareholder value, robust cybersecurity is imperative. But businesses often do not have the staff or resources to stay abreast of the complexities of cybersecurity.

Customers can rely on DataPath to provide expert cybersecurity solutions that are easy to understand. DataPath has a twenty-five-year track record of securing U.S. Department of Defense critical infrastructure and seasoned, certified cyber professionals to proactively identify and respond to network vulnerabilities.

DataPath’s MaxView provides a single, consistent interface to manage all equipment, elements and service applications within your network across all locations. By providing a centralized view and control of your entire network, MaxView allows you to improve operational efficiency and incident response time.

Key Features
  • Monitors and controls devices, applications, services and sites
  • Manages network elements regardless of vendor or device type
  • Scalable for large networks of thousands of devices and hundreds of sites
  • Has built-in automation tools to create functionality without programming
  • Provides robust reporting including automatically scheduled and ad hoc reports
  • Offers safe, secure access to management and government security guidelines